A Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Guide is someone who provides support & guidance to individuals regarding their life purpose, as well as encouragement and focus regarding practical actions.  The support comes in the form of helping to identify a life purpose, what an individual wants to be doing and is not doing, why an individual has certain talents, skills & abilities and how to best utilize them.  Students and clients are guided to focus on their life purpose, goals & priorities while taking steps that are manageable .  Throughout the process students and clients are supported by various tools and individualized feedback and guidance.  My name is Constance Mallchok and I am an Mindfulness Coach and a Meditation Guide.

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My mission is to help individuals strengthen their connection to inner awareness, wherein lies their ability to recognize their connection to others.

As a Mindfulness Coach and a Meditation Guide, I ask students and clients to identify goals that resonate within the depths of their heart & soul, utilize qualities of the authentic self, integrate those natural strengths into daily living and share them with others.  I will support the letting go of anything that no longer serves, burdens or blocks forward motion.  I utilize awareness of the breath as a tool to move towards grace.  I have a gift for seeing others clearly, providing guided structure within chaotic situations or lives, as well as creating space for an increased sense of purpose, joy and serenity, allowing students and clients to mindfully move towards stillness and be more fully present in their lives.  I am able to guide students and clients gently and compassionately toward the fullest expression of their authentic selves.  I work with students and clients weekly, bi-monthly and monthly based on their needs.

I have developed a daily practice which increases awareness throughout the body, mind and spirit.  My interest in developing a deeper connection to the energies of the inner and outer environments is a central component of my practice and guidance.   I have a deep appreciation and much gratitude for my daily practice which comes from the direct connection to Self available through physical asana and the active stillness of meditation that results in freely receiving and releasing the breath in each moment.  I believe that clarity comes with increased patience.  I have been practicing yoga for 14 years and have had a daily meditation practice for the past 8 years.  I have studied yoga with Leigh Evans (  I have studied Energy Medicine with Dr. Ena Pearl (  For the past 6 years, I have been studying Energetic Kinesiology and Pranic Healing with Dr. Or Lauderly Pondak (